ESL Stories: Our Top 10 Articles Of 2020

Learn languages January 27, 2021

That 2020 was a strange year is probably a bit of an understatement. Unprecedented and unexpected, it caught us all by surprise and made our creativity flourish as we adjusted to the new normal.

And we did adjust to the new normal – we found novel ways to connect with each other and ourselves and discovered what is really important at the end of the day.

At ESL we adapted to the circumstances while refusing to give up our love for education. We explored new approaches on our ESL Stories blog and found means to integrate language learning and travelling into our new normal way of life.

Here are the 10 best examples of how we did it:

1.- Recipes from around the world: let your taste buds take you on a culinary trip

For many of us, trying new flavours and discovering different kinds of cuisines is such an important aspect of our travels. In 2020, we put on our white hats and cooked up a storm that transported us around Europe – from southern Spain to the Tyrolean mountains in Austria.

2.- 10 tips for working from home

Before 2020, working from home seemed rather exciting. Not having to commute? Rolling out of bed and starting work in your pyjamas? It definitely sounded good. However, when we actually got down to it, we realised staying focused and being productive while working remotely was something we needed to think about and plan for.

3.- How to decide which language to learn

The best language to learn was something to wonder about even before 2020. Luckily, 2020 gave us time and an opportunity to have a good think about what we needed to consider before we started a new language adventure.

4.- How to write the perfect cover letter in English

The job market was definitely badly hit in 2020 – to say the least. With companies all over the world suffering and closing down, many employees found they needed to look for new opportunities both at home and abroad. Providing potential employers with an awesome cover letter in English is for sure the first step towards success! 

5.- How to learn Korean fast – 5 tips

Although it may not strike as the easiest language to learn, there’s no doubt that speaking Korean will always open many doors. If your aim is to learn it fast, then you should definitely check out our 5 tips on how to do so – all of which you can also do from home!

6.- Summer vocabulary: the words you need to know for your travels

Long summer days, breezy evenings… Travelling or not, summertime is simply awesome. Take advantage of the optimism that comes with it by learning new words in the language you’re learning – bonus points if you actually use them abroad!

7.- Study abroad checklist for Japan

You may not be planning on studying abroad in Japan just yet, but if you are considering it then you should probably start planning now! Back in 2020, we put together some useful tips from our experts to help you out.

8.- Official language certifications: an overview of the top language tests around the world

Official English language exams abound, as do language students needing them – which would explain why it’s fairly easy to find useful information on them. In 2020, we decided it was time to remember other languages and their official certifications: from French and Spanish to German and Russian.

9.- Why language summer camps are good for teenagers

How to keep helping teens learn during the summer school break is something parents often struggle with. Summer camps provide a fantastic environment for youngsters to keep developing their skills while having fun and exploring the world. Check out our post from February 2020 to find out why!

10.- 10 English acronyms you should know

Every language uses shortcuts in written communications and although we adopt and use them intuitively in our mother tongue, it’s not always easy in our second language. Learn about the most frequent ones in English and start using them like a pro!

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By Julia Hoyas

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