12 reasons why you should book your language trip with an agency like ESL

Learn languagesTravel May 28, 2024

So, you want to learn a language abroad — great choice! We know you could use a change in your life, but have you thought of everything you need to plan? 

With so many countries, cities, and language schools to choose from, the process of making your adventure happen can be overwhelming. If only there was a way to make the process more streamlined…

Booking your language stay through an agency will give you the freedom to fully-customise your adventure while giving you the security in knowing that your destination has been vetted to the highest quality. It’s hardly a surprise why so many students choose to book their stay through an agency like ESL, but if that’s not enough reason for you, here are some more helpful facts about us that may help your decision:

1. It costs the same as booking directly with your school!

In fact, you’ll benefit from ESL’s “Best Price Guarantee”, meaning we’ll refund you the difference if you find your programme for a better price. In addition, you can even benefit from lower prices than booking directly with a school, thanks to ESL incentives and special offers across the year.

2. Exclusive ESL incentives and special offers.

 You’ll benefit from extra discounts thanks to our various special offers. Save by booking with family or friends, being an ESL alumni, planning your programme early, or through our occasional “Flash offers” throughout the year. On top of this, you’ll also benefit from any discount an ESL partner school would offer.

3. ESL is an independent agency with a wide portfolio customised to your needs.

 Our portfolio features a huge diversity of schools, carefully selected in more than 200 destinations around the world. You’ll have an overview of what’s on offer, and you can choose (with our expert advice) from a wide variety of destinations, schools, programmes, and accommodation types for all budgets and preferences.

4. Flexibility and increased opportunities through our diverse portfolio.

In the event you want to change your destination, or even extend your trip to another one, our vast portfolio enables us to find solutions rapidly and with minimum impact to you. Our variety of programmes and destinations enables you to build projects with multiple languages and destinations with one centralised contact taking care of everything.

5. ESL speaks your language!

Whether it’s on the phone, WhatsApp, email or face-to-face — ESL counsellors and customer care team members all speak your language to provide precise and insightful information about what we know best: language travel!

6.ESL is available for you in drop-in offices across the world.

We can attend to you in your own language, in person or via any other channel of communication suiting your needs. 

7. ESL counsellors understand your situation beyond language.

Every ESL counsellor has studied abroad and can tell you firsthand how to make the most of your trip. Our team is also familiar with all local legislations, academic systems, and sponsoring schemes to ensure your programme goes as smoothly as possible.

8. We are available for you in your time frame.

We know how stressful it can be to wait for a reply from your school and adapt to their limited opening hours before travelling. Luckily with ESL, you can easily reach us and expect fast replies to all of your pressing concerns!

9. Client support from an internationally recognised agency.

Booking with ESL guarantees that you will be in safe hands from the beginning to the end of your experience. In case you have questions, face a problem, have an issue with your school, or simply need to make changes to the initial booking, you will be treated with priority. ESL has built strong connections with its partner schools for you to always be considered a VIP. 

10. ESL is a local company complying with your country of residency’s jurisdiction.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your language stay, you can make a claim under your local legislation in your own language. However, if the same were to happen in your school, you would have to navigate your school’s local legislation, in their language.

11. Financial solvency and client protection.

As a local entity, ESL complies with your domestic business requirements aimed at protecting you in case of bankruptcy or any other financial issue.

12. ESL’s accreditations of quality

ESL strives for international quality and is a member of the major quality-control bodies for language courses across the world, including IALC, Business English UK, Quality English, and many more.

By Christopher Robinson

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