Summer vocabulary: the words you need to know for your travels

Learn languages July 13, 2021

Have you been dreaming of summer for a while now? Longing for long sunny days and breezy evenings by the sea? Yep, us too. Good news is it’s finally here! And with borders reopening and travelling seemingly being back on the cards, we can’t wait to pack our bags and get away for endless fun under the sun!

No matter where you’re heading to this summer, you’ve probably already come up with a list of musts you need to have in your suitcase – passports, swimming gear, sunscreen lotion… you know the drill. However, have you thought about the linguistic aspect of your trip? That is, how will you communicate when you’re abroad? No need to panic – here’s some summer vocab in different languages you’re bound to need during your summer travels:


From the golden-sand beaches in Australia and the lively US coast to Malta’s island charm and the quaint British seaside in Bournemouth or Brighton, English vocab will undoubtedly come in handy in a wide range of locations. These are your must-knows for your summer holidays:


Mojito or sangria, salsa or flamenco, Europe or Latin America… whether you’ve chosen exotic Playa del Carmen, the white-sand beaches in the Dominican Republic or the golden Mediterranean colours as your next destination, these are some basic words you can use to describe what you’ll need:


Ah, Italia… can you picture yourself lounging lazily with the calm sea in front of you and a quaint postcard-perfect town behind you? Tropea, San Remo, Salerno… wherever you are, the Italian coast will spark romance in your soul! Here is some vocab that will help you make the most of your holiday in paradise:


The French-speaking world is as large as it is varied and stunning, so what will it be this summer? The iconic Côte d’Azur with its emblematic elegance; the Atlantic waves of Western France; or would you rather go for the Caribbean vibes across the pond? Wherever you choose to bathe under the sun, these words will allow you to make yourself understood:


Surfing in the wild Algarve coast? Relaxing under the palm trees in Salvador da Bahía? Both Portugal and Brazil offer amazing seaside destinations that cater to an endless range of preferences: water sports, amazing nightlife, calm retreats… take your pick! One thing is for sure, though: you’ll need some basic vocab wherever you choose.

So, passport ready, bags packed and summer vocab on point – now you really are all set for the best summer ever! Still not sure where you’d like to go?

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By Julia Hoyas

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