A resolution worth keeping: learn a new language in 2017

Learn languages December 19, 2016

After the excesses of the festive period, this is your chance to lay down some goals for the coming year. Perhaps you want to quit smoking, drinking or wasting time on the internet?

If you succeed, you’ll need something fun to fill the void left by no longer smoking, drinking or wasting time on the internet!

May we humbly recommend learning a new language?

Taking a language course abroad this year is a no-lose situation: it’s good for you, good for your brain and lots of fun.

Here are 8 reasons why learning a language should be your number 1 resolution for 2017:

Boost your career prospects

Employers look for foreign language skills in candidates, because staff with language skills can communicate with the world. And beyond the language benefits of studying abroad, you develop a wide range of soft skills that are essential for companies and for the self-employed.

Language skills are beneficial in a wide range of careers, and not just the obvious ones like translation and teaching.


Call it confidence, call it maturity, call it worldliness… getting out there and spending time studying in another country changes you for the better. You’ll make friends from all over the world.


Call it confidence, call it maturity, call it worldliness… no, hang on, we just did that. But there’s no doubt that speaking a foreign language makes you more attractive.

See the world like a local

There’s a big difference between seeing the world as a tourist and getting under the surface of a culture. Learning the local language gives you an authentic chance to understand a country from the inside.

It’s good for your brain

Bilinguals have healthier brains which are more resistant to dementia and better at focusing on tasks. The evidence for this keeps growing.

It’s fun

Language teaching has changed dramatically from the days of old-fashioned teachers making learners uncomfortable in the classroom. Language schools use a communicative, supportive approach that ensures learning is fun.

Fast progress

Imagine being able to have a conversation in a new language at this time next year. Sounds good, right? Start in January and you can easily be conversational in a year’s time.

 Big discounts for early bookings

Book your course a few months in advance and receive a special “Early Bird” discount. You can take the course at any point during the year, but the sooner you book, the better!

Check out our Early Bird offer here.


Image credits: Jason Devaun (CC BY-ND 2.0), Hey Paul Studios (CC BY 2.0)
By Alex Hammond

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