10 of the most instagrammed spots in Malta

Travel January 15, 2018

There’s a lot to get excited about on the ’gram if you’re searching for Malta. Crystal clear water, brightly coloured boats, sandcastle-like rock formations – it’s a wonderland for photographers! And, if you’ve never been to this English-speaking destination, Instagram is a great place to get started for some travel inspiration. So if you’re a true Insta-addict, don’t miss the most instagrammed spots in Malta on your next language trip.


10. The Blue Lagoon | #bluelagoonmalta – 3,957 posts

Malta’s Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino is a turquoise pool of paradise. Take a 20-minute ferry ride from the main island to get there, and beat the huge summer crowds in late spring or early fall. Bonus points for bringing an underwater camera!


9. The Maltese Doors | #maltadoors: 6,773


If there’s one thing this little island nation is big on, it’s colour! From the balconies to the benches, boats and doors, Malta is nothing but Technicolor tones. Getting a pic posing in front of one of the country’s vibrant doors is a must, like the ones in Valletta or Mdina.


8. St Peter’s Pool | #stpeterspool: 12,600



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If you’re looking for a tucked away swimming hole, this is it! On the southern end of the island, St Peter’s Pool is the perfect place for divers and snorkelers. You can also indulge your inner lizard and stretch out on the flat rocks to suntan – it’s a little slice of heaven.


7. Popeye Village | #popeyevillage: 28,410


Did you know you can find the home of Popeye the Sailor right on the island of Malta? For Robert Altman’s 1980 Popeye movie, the film crew built an elaborate set in Mellieha to recreate Popeye’s village. Today you can still visit it, and it makes quite a background for a selfie!


6. Marsaxlokk Fishing Village | #marsaxlokk: 45,706



This little fishing village might not sound familiar, but as soon as you search it on Instagram, you’ll see why it’s one of the most instagrammed spots in Malta. Bobbing in the harbour are the famous fishing boats splashed in primary colours. Everyone who comes to Malta just has to take a picture of them, and you will, too!


5. Paceville, St Julian’s | #paceville: 60,235


In Malta, they know how to party with a capital “P”, and there’s no place that does it better than Paceville. This is the hashtag you’ll be using for all your party pics!


4. The (former) Azure Window | #azurewindow: 61,423

Gone but not forgotten, even after the collapse of the Azure Window in March 2017, it continues to be one of Malta’s most heavily-hashtagged sites. Located at the northern tip of Malta’s Gozo island, you can still appreciate the rugged sea cliffs where the window once was, and experienced divers can even check out the rocky remains of the Azure Window underwater!


3. The historic city of Mdina | #mdina: 121,744


Visiting historic Mdina is like stepping back in time. It’s impossible to talk about the city without mentioning its massive gate, which featured heavily in the TV series, Game of Thrones. Throw in cobblestone streets and walls crawling with flower-filled vines and you’ve got a super Instagram-friendly city!


2. Capital city Valletta | #valletta: 342,897


It’s no surprise that Malta’s capital rings in at the top of the list. From the sweeping views of the Upper Barrakka Gardens to the breathtaking waterfront, Valletta deserves to be as heavily photographed as it is. If you’re wondering what the most photographed part of the city is, check out the corner of St Lucy and St Paul streets outside the San Paolo Naufrago wine bar – that’s what you call picturesque!


1. The island of Gozo | #gozo: 538,461


The most beautiful places are often hidden ? This is my absolutely favourite place in Malta (Gozo) - Tal Mixta Cave! It’s so remote and untouched and the view from there is better than 1000 words! I wanted to keep this place to myself, but then I decided to share this amazing spot with you ❤️ Самые красивые места зачастую скрыты от наших глаз ? Моё самое любимое место на Мальте - пещера Tal Mixta на острове Гозо! Туда сложно попасть, но зато какой вид ❤️ Сначала я хотела оставить это место в секрете, но потом решила поделиться им с вами! С Новым годом, друзья ? . . . . #hiddengems #secretplaces #malta #gozo #maltagozo #lovemalta #mediterranean #cave #cavesofinstagram #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #dametraveler #мальта #пещера #блогопутешествиях

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Coming in at number one is Malta’s northern island, Gozo. Full of take-your-breath-away beaches (Ramla Bay Beach, Hondoq Bay Beach, San Blas Beach), dramatic cliffs and the Ggantija Megalithic Temples, older than Stonehenge, Gozo is one place you don’t want to forget your camera or smartphone.


So, get camera ready and make your way to the most instagrammed spots in Malta – no filter required ;)

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