Mapping the world in 16 maps

Travel June 26, 2014

Maps can change your perspective on life. Here are some maps that may just give you a new view of the world:

Who can speak the most foreign languages?

Well done Luxembourg!


Ginger hair frequency

Image: James McInerny

Beer map of Europe

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World flight traffic

Most common European surnames

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Most widely-spoken second language by country

Belgium and Switzerland are multilingual countries. French is the number one “second” language in Belgium because a small majority of the population speak Flemish as a first language (this data comes from the Eurobarometer report). Switzerland publishes data about languages spoken at home and at work, but no definitive stats about second language learning nationwide.


Annual hours of sunshine

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Writing systems of the world

 Original (larger) at Wikipedia

Lightning map of the world

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South-up world

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Density of metal bands by country

Most popular sports

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Where does it rain the most?


The British Empire in 1897 (the pink countries)

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World map adjusted for population

Larger version here

Who’s having the most babies?


By Christian Boveda

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