15 facts that prove you’ve turned into an Englishman

Learn languages May 23, 2016

1. You’ve introduced the full English breakfast in your diet and eat it once a week… every day would be too much for your cholesterol.


2. When you walk into a shop, you say “hey there”, “hi there” or even “eia” to greet the shop assistants.

3. Apart from “English breakfast”, you are convinced that porridge provides all the energy you need to face the day.

4. An umbrella, a raincoat, waterproof shoes… you have them all, and more than one of each!


5. You now say “closet” instead of “wardrobe”.

6. A ray of sun + garden = barbecue.

7. You enjoy pubs where there are only locals. You’re fed up of places that used to be cool and that are now full of Europeans (like yourself).

8. “Sorry” and “thank you” are part of your vocabulary and you even use them when you’re visiting home.

9. You drink tea. A lot of it. Every 2 hours or so.

10. You are now a Tea Expert.


11. You’ve learned to enjoy the rain. You can proudly say: I survived English weather!

12. When you cross the road, you look to your right.

13. You’re left-handed… when you drive. Do you have a choice?

14. Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda are a piece of cake. You’re a “coupon master” and are familiar with all their products.

15. You have a soft spot for the Queen and Kate. You enjoy reading news about them.


If you feel identified with all these facts, you can proudly say that you’ve survived England and adopted its culture. Share your English experience with us by posting a comment or a pic.


By Aroa Ramos Garcia

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