15 reasons why we love the US (and you probably do too)

Travel August 24, 2021

The American dream, the White House, the flag, Hollywood, the free world, New York, Barack Obama, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, the Kardashians… The US is such a massive icon producer and exporter, we all feel somehow connected to the “American culture”. But is it possible we sometimes lose sight of what really makes the United States an extraordinary country?

In this blogpost, we’ve decided to round up the main reasons why the US is so incredibly popular – aside from its major economic power and political presence worldwide. Here are 15 reasons why we love the US – in no specific order of preference (because it’s too hard to choose):

The multiculturality

With much of the population tracing back their ancestry to Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, cultural diversity is in America’s DNA. Most Americans celebrate and embrace diversity, and admit their cultural legacy is what shaped what the country is today.

The natural parks

The US is so vast, it boasts just about every landscape on Earth: from the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon to the epic Rocky Mountains, and the seemingly infinite miles of breathtaking coastline. All these awe-inspiring natural treasures are split into 58 national parks to preserve their perfection for centuries to come.

Ah, the coastlines…

Although briefly mentioned above, the US coastlines deserve a dedicated section. Fancy dancing the night away with an awesome tan? Miami Beach is for you. Whale watching? Take a boat out around the Californian coast. Is surfing your thing? Catch some of the best waves in the world in Hawaii. Love seafood? Indulge in some lobster delicacies in Maine. Varied and stunning, US coastlines are really out of this world. 

And the best way to see them all… Road trips!

The best way to experience every contrast across this vast nation is with friends, in a vintage convertible, and the wind in your hair.

The friendliness

Whether it’s in a queue at the mall, tucking into a burger in your local diner or on the subway, chances are there’ll be a friendly American nearby happy to have a chat. 

The festivals

From the trendy and celeb-filled Coachella, and the celebrations of a deep-rooted legacy in Lousiana’s Jazz Fest, to the wild creativity and self-expression of Burning Man out in the desert of Nevada, there is a festival for every taste in the United States.

And, of course, the music

Both past and present. Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Kanye West… American musicians of every decade and genre are on most of our Spotify playlists.

High school

The American high school experience is as iconic as it is unique. The sports, the clubs, the cheerleaders, prom night… Many would argue this is a great expression of American values regarding community and teamwork.


There’s nothing Americans enjoy more than supporting their teams – whether it’s football (don’t get us started on the sheer awesomeness of Superbowl Sunday), baseball, hockey or basketball. Life in the US often revolves around sporting events and the excitement and sense of community in them is simply unparalleled.


Do you start your Christmas countdown as soon as September hits? Yep, us too. That’s why we love Thanksgiving – it comes even sooner and is the perfect opportunity to have a similar feast with loved ones without the pressure of buying presents!

The movies

What would the film industry be without Hollywood? As a talent hub pioneering in technology and special effects, the US is largely responsible for the industry’s success worldwide.

The supersize

The supersize culture in the States is definitely up for debate, but one thing is for sure: as the creator of Big Macs, super-sized doughnuts and 64-ounce sodas, the US is a good place to be if you happen to be very hungry.

Female politicians and role models

Powerful women abound across the globe – and always have. The United States has definitely produced some of our favourites: New York congresswoman and activist Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez; feminist icon and veteran Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg (sadly deceased in 2020); and Kamala Harris, the first female Vice President of the United States (and the first black person to serve as such!).

American TV

The Bachelor, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, FRIENDS, Stranger Things… Whether it’s reality TV, talk shows, sitcoms or thrillers you’re into, we bet there’s more than one American production on your Netflix viewing activity.

The opportunities

For students, young professionals and entrepreneurs alike. With a booming economy and top-league universities, educational and professional opportunities are plentiful in the United States.

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By Julia Hoyas

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