The 10 most instagrammed spots in Berlin

Travel February 2, 2021

Berlin is a paradise for photographers, and if you don’t believe us, just look at the more than 32 million Instagram posts with the hashtag #berlin! Grey industrial buildings, a rainbow of graffiti, opulent architecture and avant-garde fashion all make Berlin one of Europe’s most photogenic cities. If you’re curious about the most instagrammed spots in Berlin, read on!

10. Molecule Man | #moleculeman: 10,636 posts

This spectacular metal statue in the middle of the Spree River measures a whopping 30 meters tall. It was installed in 1999 to represent where the districts of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Treptow.  In the summertime, don’t miss the nearby Badeschiff, Berlin’s beach bar, and swimming pool that floats right on the river!

9. Berlin canals | #landwehrkanal: 14,346 posts

This picturesque waterway cuts through the Tiergarten and connects to the Spree River on both sides. Have a picnic on the canal’s grassy banks, stroll by the colourful houseboats or take to the water on a canoe or kayak!

8. Markthalle Neun | #markthalleneun: 18,076

In the heart of Kreuzberg and a stone’s throw from the Spree River, this fabulous food and flower market has photo ops at every turn. From the brightly coloured flowers to the lunch trays of smoked barbecue, thick slices of cake, sushi and pasta, every bite tastes just as delicious as it looks!

7. Spree Park | #spreepark: 19,857

To the southeast of the city centre, this abandoned amusement park is the perfect playground for Insta-addicts. The contrast of the dilapidated, fading rides overgrown with weeds and plants makes for the perfect picture – just make sure to book a guided tour, as it’s the only way in!

6. Oberbaumbrücke Bridge | #oberbaumbrücke: 48,276

This historic bridge and its iconic yellow train are uber-popular on Instagram. It’s also right by the beginning of the famous East Side Gallery, so it’s perfect for a day of sightseeing and photography!

5. Brandenburg Gate | #brandenburggate: 116,394

There’s no way to visit Berlin without passing by and snapping a pic of its most famous monument: Brandenburg Gate. If you’re looking for an original photo, try New Year’s Eve, when the sky behind the gate is illuminated in fireworks, or Berlin pride week, when a rainbow is projected onto the gate at night!

4. The Tiergarten | #tiergarten: 167,251

Every city has a park it’s proud of, and there’s no better example than Berlin’s Tiergarten. Whether it’s a bird’s-eye view from the Victory Column or a picture of an impromptu picnic on the grass in the park, the Tiergarten is super photogenic!

3. Berlin Cathedral | #berlinerdom: 185,328

Right on Museum Island in the centre of Berlin, this cathedral is arguably the city’s most beautiful building. These lovely statues, Three Girls and a Boy, perch at the end of St Wolfgang-Strasse and mark the perfect place for a photo op.

2. Reichstag Dome | #reichstag: 242,624

The glass dome of Germany’s parliament building is a must if you plan on visiting Berlin. As it’s a government building, however, you need to reserve your entrance ticket in advance online. The views you’ll get from the top floor are beyond worth it!

1. East Side Gallery | #eastsidegallery: 334,274

It should come as no surprise that out of all the most instagrammed spots in Berlin, the East Side Gallery is number one. The remnants of the former Berlin Wall have been converted from a symbol of oppression into a celebration of life and art. Some of its most famous murals include the cartoon heads by Thierry Noir, the car breaking through the wall by Birgit Kinder and, of course, the kiss by Dmitri Wrubel.

So, start dreaming up Insta hashtags and charge up your smartphone to photograph Berlin!

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By Leah Ganse

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