Ice hockey in India? ILSC brings a little bit of Canada to the Himalayas

Travel April 2, 2015

India and Canada have more in common than you might expect. Both have a British colonial past, legendary mountains and … a taste for ice hockey? Our Vancouver-based partner ILSC is involved in a community development programme to bring Canada’s national sport to the Indian subcontinent.

Our partner school ILSC broke new ground in study abroad by opening a school in New Delhi, which is now one of our most exciting destinations. One of the things that makes ILSC and ESL natural partners is a shared dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Through our unique CSR self-assessment tool, ESL partner schools can assess their current CSR actions and plan for the future. We publish the results to give our students the most comprehensive information possible with which to make a decision, and also to encourage partners to address issues. ILSC were among the schools that helped us structure the tool, and they continue to be a role model for language schools when it comes to sustainability policy.

Green leadership

Canada lake copy

ILSC Vancouver’s Green Leadership Course delivers English language skills through tuition themed around environmental and social issues. The course – which we offer as part of our Language PLUS range – has recently been updated to meet the changing needs of students.

You can read more about the course and ILSC’s CSR philosophy here.

The Vancouver school is planning a whole variety of celebrations for Earth Day on 22nd April, including a beach clean-up and an hour-long shutdown of all activities that consume fossil fuel.

A great time to study in Canada

For many years, the Canadian dollar and US dollar were around 1:1, but in recent years, Canada has become comparatively less expensive, with the currency sliding to around 80 US cents. If you are travelling from Europe, this can make a big difference to your budget.

Of course, there’s no “bad” time to study in Canada: you can enjoy some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding during the winter months, while the big cities offer an exciting but friendly buzz all year round. Factor in the bargain price and you have a very tempting offer…

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By Alex Hammond

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