Discover 10 hidden gems in Liverpool!

Travel June 10, 2016

Liverpool is one of the most popular destinations for a language stay abroad, but it is also full of hidden places and attractions that are usually unknown to most students… let’s find out some!

Old Dock Tours

To give a flying start to your days in Liverpool, take a less conventional tour of the Old Dock, rediscovered in 2001 after being buried since 1826. The Merseyside Maritime Museum offers free guided tours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A must-see for anyone interested in history and archaeology!

The People’s Republic at the Museum of Liverpool

If you’re studying in Liverpool, you need to immerse yourself in the local history. Discover what it means to be a Liverpudlian at “The People’s Republic”, with sections dedicated to Liverpool’s heritage, culture and society!


Bombed Out Church

The ruins of St Luke’s are much more than a memento of the Liverpool Blitz of 1941. The “Bombed Out Church” is a multidisciplinary arts venue with an interesting programme of happenings. It has been temporarily closed by the City Council for extensive repairs, but we hope that the restored church will keep its cultural and artistic legacy! shutterstock_74184982

Global Scouse Day

Any time of the year is perfect to be in Liverpool, but if you’re visiting the city on February 28th, you can’t miss the annual Global Scouse Day! Set up in 2013, the day has grown from a little idea to a global initiative involving Scousers from around the world, more than 100 restaurants in the city and a contest to proclaim the winner!

Kernaghan Books

This exquisite bookshop with an intimate Victorian atmosphere is located in the courtyard of The Bluecoat, the oldest building in the centre of Liverpool. The interior of the shop is decorated with antique furniture and bookcases filled with fine literature, old black and white photos and daguerreotypes.


Find the Ex-Directory Bar

If you like sarcasm, you can access the contact section on its website, but you won’t get much of a clue! Hidden away in the city centre, this secret cocktail house can be accessed through a red telephone box: to gain entry you will have to track it down and dial the correct number. The phone number is online, you just need to crack it down! Enjoy!


The Kazimier Gardens

The club closed on New Year’s Day 2016, but the garden is still open and has recently won the title of Liverpool’s favourite boozer! It may look like a prison from the street, but once you get in the garden you will be totally amazed: set near a car park, this hybrid garden bridges natural and urban environments, with a covered bandstand, a mezzanine roof terrace and a bar!

Let’s go to “Another Place”…

Most students don’t know how to get there or even what to expect from Gormley’s masterpiece. Take bus N. 53 from Liverpool Central or the Northern Line train to “Blundellsands and Crosby” and walk towards the Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre. After a nice walk in the Crosby Coastal Park, you will have a spectacular view of the cast-iron figures installed along the beach. Don’t forget to stop by at the Adventure Centre for a quick refreshment or to enjoy the many activities on offer!


…and have drinks at Some Place

Some Place Absinthe Bar is a friendly and welcoming prohibition bar, with only a dim green light to mark its entrance. Walk up the wooden stairs and immerse yourself in a truly “maudite” atmosphere, where the art of cocktail making is combined with the authentic 19th century ritual of serving absinthe… the Green Fairy (but not only) will be spoilt for choice!

Sacred and profane at Alma de Cuba

A stone’s throw from Some Place, Alma de Cuba is situated in the former St Peter’s Catholic Church. Even if you’re not up for a fancy meal, you can’t miss this upscale restaurant that mixes sacred and profane, religious ornaments and house music: go to the upper choir and check out the vibrant atmosphere of people dancing and singing in the lower apse. And on Sundays you can enjoy your brunch with a live gospel choir!



Have you been to Liverpool? Have you discovered other hidden gems during your stay? Share them in your comments and help us improve our guide to one of the greatest cities in the UK!

By Claudia Ferigo

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