10 things to do in Munich for less than €20

Travel November 8, 2017


The city of Munich is more than just the home of Oktoberfest, one of the world’s most famous festivals. Germany’s third-largest city, Munich has some of the most beautiful storybook architecture in the whole country, plus pockets of dazzling modernity and green parks where you can feel worlds away. To explore this Bavarian jewel is to fall in love, and we’ve got some awesome recommendations for things to do in Munich that will make you fall even harder!


1. Go swimming


Ok, so Munich is landlocked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go swimming! How does taking a dip in an art nouveau swimming pool sound? Housed in a grand sunny yellow building perched on the Isar River, the Müller’sches Volksbad pool offers admission for less than a fiver. Enjoy!


2. Try beer-flavoured ice cream

What if there were an ice cream shop in Wonderland? That’s the very premise behind Der verrückte Eismacher, literally, “the crazy ice cream maker”. As soon as you wander into the Alice in Wonderland inspired shop, you know you’re in a special place! With wacky flavours like beer, weisswurst and spaghetti and sausage, you can indulge your adventurous side or try more traditional or exotic fruit flavours. Be prepared for a bit of a queue!


3. Sunbathe… in the nude!

One of the most emblematic things to do in Munich is visit the Englischer Garten. What Central Park is to New York, the Englischer Garten is to Munich (and it’s actually even bigger than the former!). It’s the perfect place to go for a bike ride, picnic, have a cold beer at the Chinese Tower beer garden and even, wait for it… sunbathe in the nude! With several designated nude sunbathing areas, you can let all of your inhibitions go in this gem of a park.


4. Watch the surfers… in Munich?


The very same Englischer Garten is also the site of Munich’s surfing scene… yes, you heard that right! The Eisbach is a little river flowing through the park, and at its southernmost point you’ll find some excellent surf created by the concrete blocks dropped into the river to slow its flow. The result? About a metre-high wave that expert surfers queue to surf every day. Make sure you get to see this – it’s amazing!


5. Take a “cake break” in a backyard garden

In Germany, the tradition of Kaffee und Kuchen is sacred. At tea time, head to Gartensalon in the university neighbourhood where you can enjoy a pretty piece of cake in this café’s secret garden. Guten Appetit!


6. Climb the Endless Staircase

Another one of Munich’s tucked away treasures is the Endless Staircase. Hidden in the courtyard of the KPMG building, these never-ending stairs would do Dutch artist M.C. Escher proud. It’s just steps from the Oktoberfest grounds so don’t forget to sneak a peak of this famous flight of stairs in between beers.


7.Go on a gondola ride


Thought gondolas were only in Venice? Think again! In the sumptuous gardens of Munich’s Schloss Nymphenburg, the royal summer residence, you can actually go on a gondola ride in the palace park’s central canal. For €15 per person for a 30-minute ride, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a million times more affordable than riding a gondola in Venice and a great way to impress your date!


8. See a film at a cinema with a hand-painted marquee

Everyone loves going to the movies, and the Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor is one of the best places in Munich to see the latest and greatest films! Its incredible unique selling point is that its marquee is hand-painted, so as you’re strolling by this central cinema, make sure to take a gander at its latest movie poster masterpiece.


9. Visit the Michael Jackson Memorial

One of the city’s most curious attractions, the King of Pop has a shrine set up around an old German statue just a stone’s throw from Marienplatz in the Promenadeplatz. Make sure you moonwalk on by one of the most curious corners of Munich while exploring the city centre!


10. Explore underground Munich

If you don’t think that public transport can be exciting or avant-garde, you haven’t been to Munich. The city’s U-Bahn system is one of the most colourful and creative in the world. Check out the rainbow of colours in the Westfriedhof station, the colour-blocked Georg-Brauchle Ring station or the neon orange tones of the Marienplatz station. We’re all for bringing a little joy to your daily commute!


So, if you’ve been inspired by this line-up of things to do in Munich, let us know in the comments below and check out all of the amazing language courses you can take in Munich!

By Leah Ganse

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