Unveiling the Top Language Travel Destinations of 2024

Learn languagesTravel January 30, 2024

It’s not news that more and more students are opting to leave their traditional learning methods to make the brave choice of living their life in a new language, with amazing results!

Taking the step to learn a language this way is certainly worthwhile, but it does raise some questions, the main one being: Where do I go? 

The travel industry is an ever-changing organism, which evolves and adapts from the events of each year, it can be difficult to keep up. Luckily, we did it for you! Read on to find out the best countries for you to travel and learn a language in 2024.

Our key language travel trends for 2024

  • London and Dublin will remain our top most visited cities in 2024, so you should book now before spaces fill up! 
  • Chicago and Boston in the USA have seen a surprise jump in students
  • Both Australia and Japan have doubled in popularity in 2023, and will continue to grow in 2024!
  • The 2024 Paris Olympics provide a great opportunity to explore Lyon and Nice to avoid the crowds 
  • Colombia has become our first Latin American destination to reach our top 10 most visited countries list
  • The 2024 European Championship will allow you to experience the full extent of Germany’s football culture
  • This year’s Montreux Jazz Festival will give you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of breathtaking views while listening to famous musicians on a stage directly on the Swiss lakeside!

The best destinations to learn a language in 2024

1. The UK

The UK has traditionally sat on the top of the language travel “throne” for years, and 2024 is no exception! With the country itself being the most visited country in our portfolio and London the most visited city. 

Choosing to learn English in London is all but a guarantee that you’ll have an unparalleled language-learning experience. The city is home to some of the most iconic sights in Europe (many that you may have only seen on TikTok so far!) and boasts an exciting nightlife and unbeatable foodie scene. What’s more, as London is arguably the centre of the English-speaking world, the city hosts some of our most prestigious language schools and a healthy student culture alongside it! 

Despite London’s status as the “top dog” of English student cities, the country also offers plenty of other cities that have exploded in popularity in recent years. In the North, Manchester and Liverpool both offer unique cultures, local student scenes, and excellent live music (with Liverpool being home to the most iconically British band, The Beatles).

2. The USA

The USA is the perfect destination if you want to learn the same accent and slang you hear in the movies! But while West Coast cities like Los Angeles and San Diego will forever be popular, the real shining stars for 2024 are in the East and Centre! 

New York City perfectly encapsulates the modern glamour of the USA. With its striking city-scape, thousands of trendy restaurants, and almost unlimited nightlife — it’s not hard to see why it has been named the Number 1 Best City in the World in 2024 by Time Out Magazine

Aside from NYC, two surprise outliers have entered the race to become language student hot spots in the USA: Chicago and Boston.

From its roots in jazz and rock music to its street festivals, museums, and galleries — Chicago offers an explosion of US culture for you to explore. Spend your days on the famous lakefront shopping strip or watching an American football game at the Soldier Field Stadium!

If there is a city that lives and breathes the American spirit more than Boston, we haven’t found it yet! Choose this city to explore the unique history of the USA while learning English in the city’s multicultural neighbourhoods and sampling food from all over the world.

3. Australia

Australia has always been a favourite for students looking for a more exotic insight into the English-speaking world. But 2023 has pushed Australia into the spotlight, with more than double our students choosing Australia compared to the previous year!

As Australia had some of the toughest and longest travel regulations during COVID, this “explosion” of students makes sense, as everyone who has been waiting now has their chance to enter the country. 
However, as more students return home with a charming Australian accent, telling stories of the white sandy beaches of The Gold Coast and the buzzing party life of Sydney — we expect Australia to remain popular!

4. Ireland

Ireland is a country with limitless potential for English students in Europe. The visa regulations are simple, the people are friendly, the nature is gorgeous, and the country is full of world-class universities! While this can apply to a lot of the country, one city in particular steals the show: Dublin 

Since becoming an ESL destination, Dublin has consistently been neck and neck with London as our top destination worldwide. While London has its iconic history on its side, Dublin has an unbeatable young party culture that can be felt anywhere in the city. 

Whether you’re catching a live music show at the iconic Temple Bar, or happening upon a spontaneous street festival — Dublin has an energy that you can’t find anywhere else! In 2024, Dublin will see a variety of famous musicians visit, including Eric Clapton, Olivia Rodrigo, Tenacious D, and more. So, get ready for another party-filled year in Dublin in 2024!

5. Malta

If you want to learn English with the sun and sea but don’t want to travel as far as Australia or the USA, then Malta is the option for you! 

Malta has seen consistent growth for years as a top destination to learn English. It is especially a favourite among younger students as it has an exciting party culture, is fairly easy to travel across, and is home to plenty of local schools and universities. 

Choose Malta to get the beachside holiday that you deserve in 2024!

6. Canada

Canada is a great pick for students looking for trendy, multicultural cities backdropped by breathtaking natural beauty. While Toronto may be the most obvious pick, Vancouver is our Canadian star of the show in 2024!

Vancouver offers a trendy journey off the beaten track for students who want to live a more authentic experience in Canada. What’s more, with its excellent services and beautiful nature, it’s just an all-around amazing place to call home! So much so that it has been named one of the top 10 most livable cities in 2024 by Mercer.

7. Germany

Germany finds itself in a unique position in 2024. As the host for this year’s European Championship, we’re expecting the whole country to be alive with a football frenzy in June and July. 

As the championship will rotate across the country, there really is no one place to be, as you can experience the energy wherever you go (and avoid excessive crowds!). However, our main highlight in Germany is Berlin, which offers a regal and historic backdrop to its lively alternative party scene, making the German language truly come to life!

8. Spain

For Spanish learners, the best country to visit in Europe is (surprise surprise!) Spain. Spain is consistently the top destination for Spanish learners worldwide, and our two top picks for this iconic country are Valencia and Barcelona.

Barcelona is a city that keeps giving: whether it’s the intense nightlife, the stunning Mediterranean coastline, the thriving student culture, or the eclectic street art, you’ll find something for everyone in Barcelona! 

Valencia offers an authentic look into the Spanish lifestyle, with amazing beaches and as the home of the ever-famous dish, Paella, you better believe that you’ll be eating well in this city!

9. Colombia

In recent years, Colombia has seen a huge rise in language students hoping to experience the tropical lifestyle and vibrant party culture that the country boasts. In fact, in 2023, Colombia became the first Latin American country to reach our top 10 most-visited countries!

The country is as diverse as it is large, with plenty of cities offering their own unique atmosphere and culture. However, our top two picks are Bogota and Cartagena

While Bogota offers an authentic urban experience, complete with trendy bars and round-the-clock nightlife, Cartagena will give you a beachside paradise, complete with beautiful colonial buildings and Caribbean weather. Choose the vibe that you’re looking for and see it for yourself!

10. France

It may come as no surprise that France is our biggest choice for French students. However, while you may also expect Paris to be at the top of our list, 2024 is full of surprises! 

The 2024 Olympics will be held in Paris, and while this is great news for fans of the event, the extra roadblocks and crowds will make the city much harder to explore. Instead, we are proposing Lyon and Nice

Lyon represents the heart and soul of French cuisine and wine, both of which pair well with a language course, as you can explore the magic of French cooking through your language skills! Lyon also offers a more intimate and authentic setting to learn French: as you walk through the cobbled streets of the old town and sample delicious French specialities — it’s hard not to be immersed! 

Nice has become the jewel of the French Riviera, as both a strong cultural hotspot and a great base from which to take advantage of the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. Our schools in Nice all take full advantage of its amazing surroundings through fun excursions and extracurricular activities.

11. Switzerland

For French students looking for a little more natural beauty out of their trip, Montreux, in Switzerland has seen a huge surge of students in recent years. Most learners are attracted by the gorgeous mountains, picturesque lake, and near-tropical microclimate of the region — we’re confident you will too! 

What’s more, Montreux is celebrating its 58th edition of the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival, and for this year only, the event will be hosted directly on the lakeside! Travel to Montreux in 2024 to be serenaded near the lake by international musicians on a warm summer evening! 

12. Portugal

2024 has become the year that Portugal joins its rightful place as one of our top destinations in Europe! 

More and more students have realised how much the country has to offer, with its guaranteed temperate climate, amazing beaches, fascinating history, and a language spoken by around 250 million people worldwide. It’s a no-brainer to include Portugal on your language travel itinerary. 

Our top pick for Portugal is its famous capital, Lisbon. Walking through its narrow streets decorated by street art, sitting down for a coffee and pastel de nata, and watching the city go by is an unbeatable way to finish your Portuguese class!

13. Japan

Japanese culture has had the unique ability to fascinate the world. Whether it’s the unique style of anime, the delicious cuisine of ramen and sushi, or the entertaining manga comics — the world can’t get enough of Japan!

So, when the country’s strict Covid regulations were lifted, we’ve seen a similar trend of students to Australia, as our student numbers to Japan doubled in 2023!

For students looking to get a better understanding of this interesting culture, we recommend taking a language programme in Tokyo. As the home of many of Japan’s biggest cultural exports, students in Tokyo can combine their programme with a Manga or Japanese cooking course to get the best of both!

14. Korea

Similarly to Japan, Korean culture has seen a rapid expansion in recent years, thanks to popular Korean series and movies like Squid Game and Parasite, in addition to popular boy bands like BTS. As such, Korea has become a hot spot for fans of Korean culture who want to explore it in depth. 

We recommend two marginally different cities to explore the side of Korea that suits you. The capital, Seoul, will give you a unique blend of futuristic sky-scrapers and mediaeval monuments, while Busan is a more relaxed, seaside city, offering amazing fresh seafood. 

Can’t decide between the two? No problem! With the country’s modern high-speed train network, you can travel between one and the other in less than three hours!

By Christopher Robinson

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