We Are ESL – What I like about working at ESL is the way we are involved in the company!

We are ESL November 14, 2016

We Are ESL – Cinthya Fleisch

How did you find your way to ESL, when did you start working and what was your first position?

I worked in a jewellery store for 3 years, when I suddenly realized that I wasn’t really using the languages I knew and that I was even losing them. This is when I started to look for a job where I could use and improve them.

I replied to a job offer for the sales department in Lausanne, I had the interview in Montreux and I was hired as a IAC (International Admission Centre) Trainee Officer in Montreux. This is when my journey with ESL started!


What’s your current position at ESL and how did you get there, which development did you follow?

Almost 5 years later, I am still working in the IAC department. I did reach the goal I wanted: to have a job where I can practise and improve my languages. I started at ESL as a IAC trainee for the first 6 months, I then became IAC Officer for the following 2 years. For the last 2 years, I have had the pleasure of being in charge of the Spanish market within the IAC department as a IAC Manager.

At the beginning of the high season 2014, ESL offered me the position where I am now. I thought about it over the weekend, “should I stay or should I go?” (yes, I know, like the song). I even asked my family and friends for advice.

It was only on Sunday evening that I asked myself the right question: Will I regret not taking this opportunity? My answer was yes! I was regretting it just by saying it. Therefore, on Monday morning I confirmed to Carole Javet and the HR that I wanted to go to Barcelona, I wanted to live this incredible experience and I wanted to face this new challenge.


What do you like about working at ESL and what do you think has been key to ESL’s success in the last 20 years?

What I like about working at ESL is the way we are involved in the company. We all work to turn our students’ experience into the best one, from the moment they know about us until they return home.

What I also like about working at ESL is that you can really feel the open-minded atmosphere around you and I think this is coming from the passion that reunite all of us: traveling and discovering new people, cultures, places, and languages, of course.

ESL’s success is about taking the right opportunity at the right time, constantly looking for a new way to improve ourselves and be passionate about what we are doing.


Cinthya Fleisch

By Sarah Moersdorf

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