Euro2024 football vocabulary in your second language with ESL

We are ESL May 31, 2024

The UEFA European Championship is the largest football tournament that Europe has to offer. Even for those who don’t normally follow the sport, the European Championship is a great excuse to get caught up in the international excitement of the event, and there’s no better place to experience this excitement than a language school! No matter where you’re studying, a language school is the best way to soak up the football energy in a fully international environment. 

Will this year’s final be as exciting as the 2021 nail-biter between Italy and England? Who will ring home the cup in 2024? It’s impossible to say, but we know one thing: This summer is going to be an exciting one for football lovers. 

Prepare for your time abroad by brushing up on your football terms with our guide below, or if you haven’t found your city to watch this year’s championship, contact us, and we’ll help you.

The ESL Guide to Euro2024 Football Vocabulary

How to call football team members in your second language

How to name football equipment in your second language

How to say football tactics in your second language

How to list the football rules in your second language 

How to talk about what’s happening in a football game in your second language

By Christopher Robinson

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