We Are ESL – ESL was the best choice in my professional life!

We are ESL August 29, 2016

We Are ESL – Mélanie Buffe

How did you find your way to ESL, when did you start working and what was your first position?

I started at ESL after reading a job offer on our website for a Sales Trainee position. I had my first interview and… I was hired in the IAC department – such an amazing adventure started that day! Six years later I’m still here!!

I’ll never forget when they called me back on a Friday, late in the afternoon, and asked me to start the following week! Who could imagine that 3 months later I would go back to school to take my Brevet Fédéral exam, while keeping my IAC Officer full time job? Not me… especially considering that I started at ESL because I was tired of my Law studies at University! But ESL is the kind of company where people are pushed to develop their skills and where you want to grow as fast as the company itself. Eventually, it was the best choice of my professional life!


What’s your current position at ESL and how did you get there, which development did you follow?

I’m now in the Online Marketing Department in charge of the SEO and SMO activities for ESL. Indeed, after finishing my studies in Marketing, I applied for a vacant position in this department. I started as an Online Marketing Coordinator and I’m now in charge of the SEO and Social Media Strategies at an international level. That’s how ESL makes dreams come true!

I’m really passionate about my job and having the chance to do it in an industry where my two other passions are combined – travels and languages – is motivating. I definitively know why I have that stupid smile every morning on my way to work… you know, the one that all those irritating “always-happy” people have… But you know what? I’m proud to be part of them!


What do you like about working at ESL and what do you think has been key to ESL’s success in the last 20 years?

People, Places and Languages… These 3 words are the heart of ESL philosophy. But more that anything else, ESL understood that behind languages, there are people, and these people make places. Again, we can’t reach any success without people! Each person can bring new ideas (and when I say EACH person, I mean the top management but also the new trainee who started 2 weeks ago…) and we have the chance to grow in a very open-minded company!
A pinch of luck at the beginning, big knowledge of the industry and strong long-term objectives: ESL knows that people are important – internally as well as externally – to pursue a single objective: deliver an exceptional experience to our students!

Mélanie Buffe

By Sarah Moersdorf

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