Presenting the winners of the 2018 ESL Language Travel Awards!

We are ESL November 16, 2018

The beautiful beach town of Sitges just outside of Barcelona was the setting for the exciting 2018 edition of the ESL Language Travel Awards! The glamorous gala night took place on November 15th with all of the most important players in the language travel industry in attendance.

The awards are given based on a ranking of scores which combines feedback from our students and staff from the last 12 months. The top 5 candidates in each category were announced as the nominees during the awards ceremony, but of course, there could only be one winner! Below are the highly anticipated results:


School of the Year (English)

Winner: Kings Los Angeles


1. Kings Los Angeles4.51
 2. Brooklyn School of Languages4.50
 3. EC London 30+4.43
 4.Kings London4.40
 5.EC Brighton4.35
 6. EC Cape Town4.31
 7.St Giles International Brighton4.28
 8. EC Bristol4.26
 9. Atlantic Language Dublin4.18
 10. BELS Gozo4.07

Criteria: 40 reviews minimum, 50% student, 50% ESL Team.


School of the Year (other languages)

Winner: Lexis Seoul


1. Lexis Seoul4.38
 2. Taronja Valencia4.37
 3. CLIC International House Sevilla4.23
 4. Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo4.18
 5. Malaca Instituto Málaga4.14
 6. Alpadia Lyon4.11
 7. Liden & Denz St. Petersburg4.11
 8. Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture Tokyo4.07
 9. Escuela de idiomas Nerja4.06
 10. Alpadia Montreux4.04

Criteria: 20 reviews minimum, 50% student, 50% ESL Team.


School Group of the Year

Winner: EC


1. EC4.38
 2. Kings4.37
 3. Lexis4.24
 4. BSC4.17
 5. St Giles4.13
 6. Alpadia4.06
 7. ILSC4.05
 8. Ideal Group4.04
 9. Study Group4.04
 10. France Langue4.01

Criteria: Minimum 5 schools in a group, 50% student, 50% ESL Team.


School Facilities of the Year

Winner: Brooklyn School of Languages


1. Brooklyn School of Languages4.70
 2. EC New York 30+4.48
 3. Lexis Seoul4.46
 4. Kings Los Angeles4.46
 5. EC Brighton4.44
 6. EC Bristol4.43
 7. Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture Tokyo4.33
 8. EC Dublin4.31
 9. Enforex Málaga4.26
 10. International House Barcelona4.20

Criteria: 30 reviews minimum, 70% student, 30% ESL Team.


Accommodation of the Year

Winner: Alpadia Montreux


1. Alpadia Montreux4.41
 2. International House Newcastle4.39
 3. Kings London4.37
 4. Institut Européen de Français Montpellier4.36
 5. EC Montreal4.31
 6. CLIC International House Sevilla4.21
 7. EC Cape Town4.19
 8. BSC Oxford4.14
 9. BELS Gozo4.11
 10. Alpadia Lyon4.10

Criteria: 30 reviews minimum, 70% student, 30% ESL Team.


Teaching Programme of the Year

Winner: BELS Gozo


1. BELS Gozo4.82
 2. Kings Los Angeles4.75
 3. Brooklyn School of Languages4.74
 4. CLIC International House Sevilla4.71
 5. Lexis Seoul4.68
 6. EC London 30+4.64
 7. EC Cape Town4.63
 8. CIAL Lisboa4.63
 9. EC Cambridge4.62
 10. St Giles International Brighton4.60

Criteria: 30 reviews minimum, 100% student.


Leisure Programme of the Year

Winner: CLIC International House Sevilla

1. CLIC International House Sevilla4.78
 2. Academia Italiana Salerno4.67
 3. Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture Tokyo4.61
 4. Taronja Valencia4.59
 5. EC Cape Town4.50
 6. International House Barcelona4.47
 7. St Brelade’s College Jersey4.47
 8. ILSC Toronto4.45
 9. Kings Brighton4.44
 10. EC Brighton4.43

Criteria: 30 reviews minimum, 100% student.


CSR Champion of the Year

Winner: ILSC


1. ILSC8.45
 2. EC8.43
 3. French in Normandy7.70
 4. ISI Dublin6.70
 5. Ih Belfast6.60

Criteria: 100% ESL CSR Self-assessment tool results. In this category, schools that are part of a group are measured as a whole as opposed to individual schools. This encourages groups to share best practice and not focus expertise on a single centre.


Junior Programme of the Year

Winner: Ardingly College Campus, UK

1. Ardingly College Campus, UK4.20
 2. Brighton Campus, UK4.19
 3. Adventure Ireland4.18
 4. San Sebastián Summer Camp, Spain4.12
 5. Keele University Campus, UK4.11
 6. Brighton College, UK4.00
 7. Berlin Werbellinsee, Germany3.96
 8. Torbay Language Centre, UK3.96
 9. Galway Summer Camp, Ireland3.96
 10. Lynn University Campus, USA3.94

Criteria: 20 reviews minimum, 50% student, 50% staff.


Congratulations to all the nominees and of course, the winners! Thank you to all of our partner schools for working so hard to give our students the best experience possible over the course of the past year. Keep up the good work, and next year’s winner could be you!

By Leah Ganse

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