Never be lost for words during the football this summer: ESL’s BIG FOOTBALL TRANSLATOR


Who’s going to win in Brazil? Who will be the stars of the tournament? And who will be the villains? Whoever it is, people will be talking about it all around the world. If you are studying a language abroad this summer, football will be the topic in the classrooms, cafes and residences of your school.

With this in mind, we have made THE BIG FOOTBALL TRANSLATOR. If you are looking for a football word in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish, simply type it into the search box in one of the languages and you will get the translations in all of the different languages! This is the world’s first multilingual football glossary.


The tablet-friendly tool means you can get involved in the conversation in whichever language you like. So whether you are huddled around a screen watching the action, or after playing yourself, you can get your opinion across.