3,2,1… we have lift-off

We are ESL October 2, 2014

Marketers are often told “don’t sell the product, sell the experience”. It’s different for ESL: with us, the experience is the product. The experience of living in another country, of getting beneath the surface of another culture and making friends from all over the world. All this, and the lifelong rewards of speaking another language.

For the last 18 months, we have been working on new ways to capture the essence of study-abroad consistently through all of our communication.

A fresh visual identity

Among the changes is a new logo for 2015. Fitting elegantly with all formats, from paper to touchscreen, the clean design is a natural evolution for our organisation.Logo-ESLThree golden bars represent people, places and languages: the fundamentals of study abroad.

Alongside the new logo, we have placed a greater emphasis than ever on finding images that show the diversity of our destinations, while giving an authentic impression of partner schools.

Websites & brochures

However you like to consume information, our new designs ensure that you will find what you want, how you want it, and in more depth than ever before. With this information, you can choose your perfect programme.

What’s new online?

Ratings & reviews: after acting internally on student feedback for two decades, this is the right moment to share the reviews publicly. Our new website features extensive student feedback on our partner schools.

Supercharged course finder: the course finder tool on our websites crunches more data than ever before to help you find programmes with a couple of clicks.

Mobile-friendly design: whether you view our new website on your phone, tablet or something with a keyboard, you will have a smoother experience than ever before.

Blogs: our blogs have a new look and feel, with a responsive design, clearer navigation and more new articles every month about languages, travel and the study-abroad experience.

Plus ça change…

ESL might have a fresh look, but our DNA has not changed in the two decades we have been offering study abroad: give learners the experience of a lifetime, with unparalleled support at every step of the way. Welcome to a world of languages.

By Alex Hammond

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