What’s new in London for 2015?

Travel April 29, 2015

In a metropolis like London there is always something new and exciting happening. If you are heading to the UK’s capital in 2015, here are some things to enjoy:

Sky Garden at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street

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London’s skyline has been reaching upwards in recent years, and 20 Fenchurch Street (known as the “Walkie Talkie”) is the latest skyscraper. When it was under construction, the building made the headlines by melting cars parked nearby – its curved glass facade redirected sunlight into a high intensity death ray.

The top floors of the building have been dedicated to a “Sky Garden” with astonishing views over London. It’s free and open to the public, but you have to book in advance online.

24-hour tubes

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From the early hours of Saturday 12 September 2015, many of London’s underground rail lines will run all night on Fridays and Saturdays. This means it will be easier and cheaper than ever before to get home after a night out in Central London!

The service has been timed to coincide with the Rugby World Cup.

Newport Street Gallery

Newsport Street Gallery

British artist Damien Hirst has an impressive private art collection and has spent the last three years developing a gallery in which to display the work. Artists including Francis Bacon, Banksy, Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Sarah Lucas, Pablo Picasso, Richard Prince, Haim Steinbach and Gavin Turk will all be displayed, as well as artefacts and natural history specimens, taxidermy and anatomical models.

The gallery will open on Newport Street in Vauxhall (South London) at some point this year and entry will be free.

Owl/cat bar

When an “owl bar” in London was announced earlier this year, the internet went crazy. Many people were appalled that wild animals would be used as entertainment, and 30,000 people signed a petition condemning the event as cruel.

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But that didn’t stop more than 81,000 people applying for a chance to buy tickets!

In the end, the originally planned alcoholic drinks were replaced with smoothies and all profits were donated to an owl charity. After such a success, what’s the likelihood that the owls will be back for more later in the year?

The website is here.

Alternatively, you could visit the nearby cat café, which is doing a roaring trade.

The World goes Pop

Starting in mid-September, the Tate Modern gallery on the South Bank of the Thames is hosting a major exhibition of global pop art. The exhibition will tell the story of the iconic movement that started in the 1960s.

Pop Up Vintage Fairs

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London’s markets are home to some of the best bargains in the city. On the 3rd Saturday of every month, the Pop Up Vintage fair takes place at Old Spitalfields Market. Vintage traders will be offering a wide range of ladies & menswear, both designer and affordable, a stunning array of vintage jewellery, fashion accessories, haberdashery, retro furnishings, homeware, vintage posters & antique maps, collectables and more.

And something that’s about to disappear forever…

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As London booms, some of its more traditional parts are being washed away in the tides of money. Denmark Street in Soho is one of those places. For much of the 20th century, this was the heart of London’s music industry with record companies, live venues and excellent music shops lining the little street, a short walk from Tottenham Court Road station.

The music business has now moved into larger offices in West London, or out of the city altogether, but the music shops remain. For now anyway, as the area is about to be redeveloped. Enjoy a bit of old London while you still can.

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Image credits: Aaron Webber (CC BY 2.0), Aija Lehtonen / Shutterstock

By Alex Hammond

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