“London Calling” – Swiss model and dancer Sero Demir discovers the British capital with ESL – Language Travel

Sero Demir, one of the most famous dancers and models in German-speaking Switzerland, had been planning a trip to the British capital for a long time. In order to improve his English and boost his career, he went on a 4-week language trip to London with ESL, in August 2016. We asked him about his month in the UK.

Sero Demir discovering London (Photographer: Nilik Khimani)

Sero Demir discovering London (Photographer: Nilik Khimani)

Sero, what drove your decision to take an English course and why did you choose ESL – Language Travel?

English is an international language and it’s very important in my modelling career. I wanted to experience something more than a simple holiday abroad and immerse myself in a different culture and mentality. I chose ESL based on the positive feedback and recommendations I got from relatives and friends.


Why did you choose London as your language stay’s destination?

I had never been to the UK before. To me, London is the European capital of show business and fashion par excellence. Whether in fashion, dance, art or theatre – London has always been a forerunner. It is a world-famous progressive city, full of life and colours. But it’s also a melting pot: over 260 languages are spoken there! Also, the British culture and football have always intrigued me.


During your language stay, where did you stay? Would you recommend your language school?

I stayed at the Liberty Plaza residence – it’s very well located and offers great infrastructures. I particularly recommend the “studio” option: it’s a bit more expensive, but definitely more confortable. The advantage? You have your own room, but if you want to meet people, you can. So you’re never alone, actually. The residence also features a fitness centre and a dance room; as I am a dancer and choreographer, it was absolutely perfect for me.

The team at EC London is fantastic – very well organised, cool, lovely and helpful. I was surprised to see how well they took care of everyone. Courses are pleasant, as teachers are extremely motivated and know how to convey not only linguistic knowledge, but also beautiful experiences.


What are the most remarkable improvements you made in 4 weeks of English classes?  

I am definitely more confident with this foreign language and I significantly expanded my vocabulary. The good thing about language stays is that you have to apply in everyday life what you have learned during your classes. There’s no other choice!

Sero Demir now feels more comfortable and better prepared for future international model jobs thanks to his improved English (Photographer: Nilik Khimani)

Sero Demir now feels more comfortable and better prepared for future international model jobs thanks to his improved English (Photographer: Nilik Khimani)

In your opinion, in which way will your newly acquired English skills boost your modelling career?

Now, if I meet an international photographer or if I give him/her a mandate, I am much more confident in communicating and understanding his/her instructions. Furthermore, agencies and clients are not only interested in my look but also in my personality. Thanks to this language stay, I can now enhance my personality in a foreign language.


What was your best experience in London?

Tough question – there are so many! But I think the most extraordinary moment for me was my arrival, when I went from the airport to the residence. I felt like in a movie! The buildings, the backlit displays, the people… I had only seen all this on TV and in movies!

Another great experience was, for sure, attending a Champions League’s match at Chelsea stadium.

I was also delighted to expand my social circle and include people from all over the world! Suddenly, I had friends from Chile, Taiwan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Spain and Turkey!


Finally, do you have any insider tips for our readers?

For shopping, I loved all the different markets: Brick Lane for vintage items and alternative furniture, or Old Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch – you can find incredible things there! And if you’re hungry, London offers all kind of dishes. The city is multicultural, but the architecture is still very British.

As for gastronomy, you can find anything you want in London: I recommend going to Camden Market to taste the most international street food. If you prefer a posher and more stylish environment, you can find it south of Green Park.

As I am also an event planner, I was curious to explore the exciting London nightlife. There is so much choice that knowing everything is basically impossible! I personally recommend the parties in Soho, as the area is full of pubs and clubs. My insider tip and favourite club: The Box. You have to find it and it’s not the cheapest option, but it’s really special.

London is also a paradise for art lovers. Most of the museums are free, and I highly recommend the Tate Modern. Covent Garden, with its street performers, is also one of my favourite spots in London.

If you want to discover new places, another absolute must is renting a bike (bike sharing is provided by the City of London) and explore the city. I miss London so much; I can’t wait to go back!


Sero Demir has been working as a dancer, choreographer and model for 11 years. He appeared in multiple commercials and music videos, performed in Bollywood productions and successfully collaborated in organizing the famous event “A lot of beauty”. In his own dance studio, the Actin’Poetry Dance school, he teaches dance classes and helps the unprivileged youth. His social commitment has been awarded by the “Sozial-Anerkennungspreis” (social recognition prize) of the Soleure canton, has been elected “Social project of the year” and was among the finalists at the canton’s “Jugendförderpreis” (prize for the youth promotion). Sero is also a successful model, working for famous brands such as Diesel, Joshua Kane, Scotch & Soda, Esprit, Energy Fashion Night and Guess.