A turning point in her life

Student stories July 13, 2016

Nowadays, due to the complex labour market, a lot of young people have a hard time finding their first work opportunity. We all have well-trained and motivated friends who just never seem to get their “big break”.

Times may be hard, but there’s always hope! The world is getting smaller and we now have more information than ever about opportunities in other countries. A lot of people take the plunge and decide to spend some time studying abroad in order to stand out. Andrea, for example, did a 3-month course in Bray, Ireland. Apparently, it went really well. This is what she told us:


Coming to Bray was a turning point in my life. I left, as a lot of people do, because I couldn’t find a job in Spain. My English was quite basic and in three months I had a B1 level, which helped me find a job as a nurse – something I had not succeeded at in Spain. After a year in Ireland, a found a job in an NGO, one of my lifetime goals! In my experience, my language knowledge – both the English I learnt in Ireland and the French that I already spoke – opened many doors to me and helped me achieve my goals.

Bray is a beautiful city that is full of charm. As a coastal town, it is very lively city – especially in summer – and its proximity to Dublin allows to enjoy the capital and fly comfortably to Europe.

Furthermore, the academic quality couldn’t be better! The lessons are dynamic; you learn a lot and never get bored. As to the “Marine Terrace” residence, the other residents end up being like family and become really good friends. 


I totally recommend Bray for a language stay!!


A perfect experience! Living abroad for some time is very enriching, not only from a linguistic point of view, but also personally. Visit our website for more information about our English courses in Ireland. If you’ve already studied in another country, let us know how it went on the comments section below.

By Carlos Heras

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