Ride for the cause day

We are ESL October 22, 2015

As part of ESL social activities, we participated, among other events, at the Ride for the cause day at the Pierrier, in Clarens, on Saturday the 29th of August.

Ride for the cause

“Ride for the cause” is an activity organized in favor of two associations: “Wave for development” and “Summit foundation”, which support sustainable development and the environment.

The goal was to paddle for a minimum of 1 kilometer, which is the equivalent of one lap. The number of kilometers and the time of departure were left to each one’s discretion, hence the relaxed atmosphere. A surprise for us who thought we actually had to run a real paddle race!

Planning and organization

For this occasion, “Ride for the cause” did things on a very big scale by creating an entire beach at the Pierrier, with multiple stands.

The nice Hawaiian atmosphere, felt just like a seaside holiday, and motivated us all into paddling.

As soon as we arrived, we were taken care of by one welcoming staff member, who explained to us the goal of the event and showed us around.

We were given a kit for the day: a “Ride for the cause” t-shirt, our pass and vouchers for drinks and meals.

The event was very well organized and there were lots of voluntary staff at our disposal.

For next year…

We totally enjoyed this experience and fully recommend that all the ESL staff give it a shot next year! 😉


Other social activities

The “Aire de vie” association

Our trainees have stood by members of this association, which brings together socially isolated people. They had the pleasure to keep them company and share a meal during a trip to Ormonts-Dessus.

The “Clean up Day” association

Another ESL team contributed to sustainable development by cleaning up the Clarens lakeshores and surroundings (the shores, the parking, the trails…). The event had the full support of the Commune of Montreux.

By Jessica Pahud Océane Tâche

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